E-Series High Performance Type

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The IG-Enclosure Series

The IG-Enclosure series is featured as high-performance with enhanced Shielding-attenuation of -120dB, and includes modular I/O panel, supporting special features and specific Shielding-spec requirements.

This series supports modular-assembly of different sizes up to 3 meter Hight, thus allowing the creation of large isolated working spaces.

E Series Features

  • Fast, reliable EMI/RFI testing and verification
  • Can support whole spectrum – VLF / RF / mmW / EHF
  • High performance construction of SAE 1020 and copper EMC shielding with ROHs compliant welding and RAL 9010 STD coating.
  • Manual operation with front handle opened door.
  • For medium and big UUT s / DUT s
  • OTA configuration / isolation / reflection
  • Accuracy between antennas
  • Custom made product adaptable to any application.
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