From VLF up to EHF

Running Across the Spectrum

No matter what frequency you work on - WE knows how to shield it!

We are constantly being surrounded by electromagnetic waves over a wide range of spectrum. In any given time, there is a multitude of different frequencies used in our modern equipment, devices and technology.

Whether your workspace is a Lab, open space or factory-
 It’s difficult to find an isolated space for measurement and testing.

Shielding boxes were designed to solve this problem and provide you with a suitable environment for your testing and measurements.

With a shielding box, attenuation level is a crucial parameter in any type of RF testing setup.

Research and Development

IGOS-MN has spent more than 14 years on research and development, exploring different kind of materials, spread over a wide range of frequencies, in pursuit of the best match for the right material and the correct mechanical elements for the shielding box’s best performance, thereby guaranteeing an isolated space for optimal measurement and testing setups.

Quality Control in the Manufacturing Process

The IGOS-MN manufacturing process is governed by strictly regulated QC requirements through high-quality welding processes and component assembly; we make sure to use only high quality RF filters and RF connectors – suitable for each specific frequency. The manufacturing process is followed by QA and final testing for attenuation. Each Shielding box is tested for the full range of required spectrum (from RF to mmW, according to the customer’s specs). Attenuation level is measured with filters connected to external cables, simulating real-life testing setups.

All final testing is performed according to MIL-STD 285 and IEEE 299 standards.

Do you have any special requirements for shielding?

Do you require a specific frequency attenuation?

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Frequency Bands

Radar BandsFreqeuncy
L1 GHz – 2 GHz
S2 GHz – 4 GHz
C4 GHz – 8 GHz
X8 GHz – 12 GHz
K+12 GHz – 40 GHz
V40 GHz – 75 GHz
W75 GHz – 110 GHz
G / mm110 GHz – 300 GHz

Frequency Bands

Very Low FrequencyVLF3 KHz – 30 KHz100 km – 10 km
Low FrequencyLF30 KHz – 300 KHz10 km – 1 km
Medium FrequencyMF300KHz – 3 MHz1 km – 100 m
High FrequencyHF3 MHz – 30 MHz100 m – 10 m
Very High FrequencyVHF30 MHz – 300MHz10 m – 1 m
Ultra High FrequencyUHF300 MHz – 3 GHz1 m – 100 mm
Super High FrequencySHF3 GHz – 30 GHz100 mm – 10 mm
Extremely High FrequencyEHF30 GHz – 300GHz10 mm – 1 mm
Termendously High FrequencyTHF0.3 THz – 3 THz1 mm – 0.1 mm

Shielding-Boxes for a Wide Range of Frequencies

IGOS-MN range of products covers a vast array of applications, frequencies and attenuation levels.

Custom-made shielding boxes

IGOS-MN provides customized shielding boxes. We manufacture according to the required specifications.
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