Full Solution for RF-Tests & Setups

Meeting Various Setup Requirements

IGOS-MN RF Shielding design, produce, assemble and test all RF shielding products. We meet all international and military standards and offer a variety of RF products.

Our products reach high shielding performance levels, while using superior-grade components.
We collaborate and closely work with leading suppliers in the global RF industry.

The IGOS-MN team makes use of extensive technological know-how and expertise when designing shielding boxes, selecting the right set of components and more so we can meet a specific requirement or setup.

Full Solution – offering a range of RF Products

IGOS-MN is committed to serve the customer throughout.

Regardless if the requirement is for a particular component or containing a variety of set-up items, IGOS-MN enables flexibility in the design, production and procurement processes, including Turnkey projects.

Our products include:

  • Signal generators / Signal analyzer
  • EMC Fast Phone Scanner
  • RF attenuators
  • RF digital attenuator
  • RF splitters
  • RF dividers
  • RF cables
  • Special Tools and Mechanical/Robotic Elements for Tests and Calibrations
  • Special Tools for antennas – stands / positioners / antennas panels

 Serving Special requirements – is our regular ongoing!
Need anything special? It is a standard service for us!
Let us know what your special needs are!

Do you have any special requirements for shielding?

Do you require a specific frequency attenuation?

For more information please contact us …

Shielding-Boxes for a Wide Range of Frequencies

IGOS-MN range of products covers a vast array of applications, frequencies and attenuation levels.

Custom-made shielding boxes

IGOS-MN provides customized shielding boxes. We manufacture according to the required specifications.
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