Custom made RF shielding

Customized RF Boxes

When are Customized Boxes required?

In both R&D labs, testing, calibration and manufacturing processes of electronic products, require a shielded environment that prevents noises’ emissions or interferences of unwanted radio signals.
These processes may require a standard shielding box and occasionally require special sizes, special fittings or filtering components and even specific tools for testing and calibrations within the shielding box.
Using the right equipment provides an optimal environment, thereby saving a considerable amount of time and cutting down costs.

Igos-mn Customized Department

At IGOS-MN RF Shielding, our overarching principal is to make sure that our costumers receive the most suitable product for their project.

That is why we, at IGOS-MN, we maintain the Customized department. Our department consists of the most competent and creative engineers in the RF shielding industry, working in the same work environment and coming up with innovative new solutions for our customers.

Our team has faced many intriguing challenges, and is always looking for the next

When you let your imagination run wild, great ideas come to life.

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Custom made RF shielding

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Custom made RF Shielding
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