Modular IO Panels

I/O Modular Panels Per Requiremnt

Our boxes offer modular IO panels that can easily be replaced and changed. Providing modular I/O panels supports the use of shielded boxes in any setup configuration and devices (i.e. UUT & DUT).

Each testing or measurement setups requires the adjustment of specific connectors and filter types, thereby guaranteeing high performance and the required attenuation level

Our range of filters covers many types of feedthrough filtering – With different properties and requierments

Some examples:

  • SMA / TNC / BNC / F-type / N-type
  • K connectors 2.92 / 2.4 (for MMw)
  • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 filter
  • Ethernet RJ45 LAN filter
  • HDMI filter
  • D-type (RS232) / 9 pin / 15 pin / 25 pin..
  • Optic fiber filtering element.

Filters' Performance

Any filter on the modular IO panel impacts the overall Box performance.

For that reason, it is so crucial to choose high-grade and high-performance filters in order to attain a high-performance shielding box.

Each filter has its own characteristics and data sheet pertaining to attenuation level, frequency range, and so on.
In our manufacturing process of shielding boxes, we at IGOS-MN check each box individually (100%… ) to ensure that the well-selected filters provide the performance that we promise.

When you let your imagination fly, great ideas come to life.

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Modular IO Panels

Guaranteeing the shielding box's overall performance

IGOS-MN high performance modular I/O panels – with any type of RF filter

Shielding-Boxes for a Wide Range of Frequencies

IGOS-MN range of products covers a vast array of applications, frequencies and attenuation levels.

Custom-made shielding boxes

IGOS-MN provides customized shielding boxes. We manufacture according to the required specifications.
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