RF Rooms and Chambers

RF Shielded Rooms by IGOS-MN

IGOS-MN develops, design and manufacture shielded spaces in accordance with every requirement and need in the field of air transmission.
The many applications that Igos makes accessible to its customer by manufacturing in exact precision and meeting the most stringent requirements and stand according to the required standards.
Spaces composed of unique modular plates that undergo refining processes for shielding purposes and professional assembly with rich experience in a variety of spaces and different construction conditions give igos a significant advantage for planning and installing shielded rooms. Meeting deadlines and quality goals, necessary during a shielded room construction project – let IGOS-MNs expert team to design your shielded room.

IGOS-MN Lab solutions

  • Antennas positioner
  • EMC Mechanical elements for lab
  • EMC Turntables
  • RF Shielded Honeycomb window
  • RF Shielded copper screen room