RF Enclosure: IG-442E

RF Shielded enclosure
  • Dimension:
  • L=100, D=100, H=220 cm

  • Typical RF shielding:
  • 0.1GHz – 1.0GHz    > 120dB
    1.0GHz – 3.0GHz    > 120dB
    3.0GHz – 12.0GHz    >100dB
    Tested on mmW up to 40 GHz

  • Up to EHF
  • Very High performance
  • fast testing

IG-442E RF Shielding Enclosure

The IG-442E specially developed for very high shielding performance and sensitives test and measurement – it’s easy to operate. Support large setups, with modular IO filters panel.
The chamber design for testing any wireless transmission such as: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, WLAN, GPS and Wimax, It may also be used for cell-site testing, RF resistor testing and two-way radio testing.

Typical use cases

  • Medium / large - UUT / DUT
  • Measurement with high shielding performance
  • Sensitive testing
  • Isolation RF shielding up to -120dB
  • Can be fit for OTA tests


  • 2 x Honey comb vent windows
  • 2 x shielded Doors
  • Filters, connectors and adaptors on modular IO panel.
  • Filtered terminal 50 VDC and Filtered 220 VAC.
  • RF absorbent foam liner.
  • Double lip RF sealing.
  • Light inside.
  • Heavy duty cart.
  • Shelfs inside
  • Dimension: L=100, D=100, H=2200 cm
  • Weight: 270 Kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: RAL 9010
  • Typical RF shielding: 0.1GHz – 1.0GHz > 120dB 1.0GHz – 3.0GHz > 120dB 3.0GHz – 12.0GHz >100dB Tested on mmW up to 40 GHz
  • Line voltage: 50 VDC, max 3 Amp 220 VAC, max 16 Amp

Optional Accessories

  • Custom filtered connectors.
  • Waveguide for optic fibers.
  • RF reflection absorbers by frequency.
  • Additional in port/out port systems.
  • Extra custom-made requirements.

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