Automatic RF test system

Automatic RF Testing System

ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) is widely used in the electronic-manufacturing industry to test electronic components and systems after their assembly such as electronic modules in vehicles, radar and wireless communication

It is important that all equipment works together and provides reliable results and measurements in real time. 

An ATE can be a simple computer-controlled digital multimeter, or an intricate system containing dozens of complex test instruments capable of automatically testing and diagnosing flaws in sophisticated electronic packaged parts or on wafer testing, including systems with chips and integrated circuits. 


Automatic RF System by Spec

  • IGOS-MN and Ranatec produce a range of RF switching and routing products. Using high quality RF switches and couplers, any RF-signal path can be set up, to interconnect any device under test to any external or internal test port
  • In addition to flexibly setting up signal paths, IGOS-mn & Ranatec provides signal conditioning products such as digital attenuators and RF filters, to assure the right power level and bandwidth at any port in an RF test set-up
  • IGOS-MN & Ranatec also has a range of more advanced and dedicated instruments to e g enable accurate spurious emissions tests (wide range of electronically tunable notch filter) as well as channel emulators to make performance verifications under realistic conditions in a laboratory environment

Shielding-supported ATE

IGOS-MN develops the full range of shielding applications with sound thinking, taking care of all setup elements and devices.

Applications Supporting ATE:

  • Pneumatic Shielding Boxes
  • Robotic integration
  • Automatic and control of shielded chambers
  • Modular mechanical elements for testing
  • Filtering and connectors
  • Cooling / Heating systems

Do you have any special requirements for shielding?

Do you require a specific frequency attenuation?

For more information please contact us …

Shielding-Boxes for a Wide Range of Frequencies

IGOS-MN range of products covers a vast array of applications, frequencies and attenuation levels.

Custom-made shielding boxes

IGOS-MN provides customized shielding boxes. We manufacture according to the required specifications.
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