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IG-RF Boxes

The IG- B series is the most common series used by high-tech industries. It includes a wide range of RF-shielding chambers, and is suitable for different working environments, such as very confined spaces, door openings from left/right, cubic space or lab.

IG-B series sizes: ranging from very small boxes (20cmX30cm) right through commonly-used working stations. (65cmX65cm).

Each product includes a modular I/O panel, which supports unique features and specific shielding-specs requirements.

Features of the B Series

  • Fast, reliable EMI/RFI testing and verification, while providing effective shielding.
  • Available at any shape and size.
  • MIL STD 285 up to 12 GHz, lightweight, easy to handle.
  • High performance construction shielding with ROHs compliant welding and RAL 9010 STD coating.
  • Manually operated with front or top handle for door opening.
  • Compatible to small and medium UUTs/DUTs
  • A customized product that is adjusted to any application.
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