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Shielding Application

Most shielding applications are based on Faraday Cage shield technology and are used in the wireless and electronic industries – for EMC, RFI testing and for other purposes. 

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic waves. For reliable testing and measurements in any DUT / UUT (device under testing / unit under testing) environments, it is necessary to isolate a space from its surrounding excess signals (noises). IGOS-MN develops and provides a wide range of shielding boxes for various devices and applications.

Shielding in R&D Labs

Lab applications require different attenuation levels, box sizes and fittings.

For example sensitive testing  requires a high performance, occasionally even at 120dB;  while in some other instances -60dB is a sufficient level for in-Lab development of RF modules.

IGOS-MNs range of products can fit in any lab – on desktop tables or shelves – it can be easily installed on a standard Rackmount or a heavy duty cart for large enclosures.

Its design flexibility together with appropriate mechanical elements make testing more convenient and reliable.

Having the right shielding Box in your lab saves you the hassle, time and money in searching for expensive  external labs.

Shielding for OTA

Over-the-Air Testing is a method used to predict the performance and reliability of a wireless device in a real-life scenario. The device being tested is placed in a free space environment inside a testing chamber that simulatesreal-life situations. The device is put under different testing conditionsas it is being examined for its response to various situations. OTA testing is a method that ensures that the designed or selected devices will perform as they should by measuring their full signal paths and antenna performance.

Over-The-Air measurement and testing can only be conducted in a space devoid of interfering signals that may impact testing. EMC and RF chambers – full or semi-anechoic chambers can help avoid the signals that can prejudice tests– OTA chambers can be produced at any size and shape. By using modular plates, you can plan your required chamber installation on any size and place. By using the correct pyramid absorbers for each frequency, you can make the system operate at its highest level of performance and avert reflections coming from inside the shielded space.

Shielding for safety

In both labs and manufacturing facilities,many devices that work together emit radio or microwave transmissions in the work space.

In many applications, shielding is either required or even mandatory to ensure a safe working environment for the entire staff in the premises. Isolating the excess radiations through wall/rooms/enclosures that are shielded properly.

For example,working with radar bandwidths for development or the manufacture of radar systems that rdiate high-powered radio signals spectrum.

The best way to ensure that your staff stays safe from these excess radiations and signal reflections is by appropriate shielding, using the right material and frame design,as well as  finding the right components and materials for each range of frequency and required attenuation levels. 


Do you have any special requirements for shielding?

Do you require a specific frequency attenuation?

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Shielding-Boxes for a Wide Range of Frequencies

IGOS-MN range of products covers a vast array of applications, frequencies and attenuation levels.

Custom-made shielding boxes

IGOS-MN provides customized shielding boxes. We manufacture according to the required specifications.
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