The IG-Rack Mount

The IG-Rack Mount series

The IG-Rack Mount series is made especially for use in Rack mount enclosures. The product is ready to install on Rack mounts and can be removed and transferred easily by modular shelf.

 Easy to use with Optimized design for space-use and functionality.

Customer can order products from our catalogue, as well as customized products who can fit any rack unit height size (U) and opening application (front / drawer / top) according to the costumer unique needs.

R Series Features

  • Fit to any Rackmount and chambers (9″ / 19″ / 27″)
  • Any height is possible (U Rackmount)
  • Fast, reliable EMI/RFI testing and verification, while providing effective shielding.
  • Can support whole spectrum – VLF / RF / mmW / EHF
  • High performance construction of Stainless steel and copper EMC shielding with ROHs compliant welding and RAL 9010 STD coating.
  • Manual operation with front handle opened door.
  • Custom made product adaptable to any application.