OV-series Fit into climate chambers

The IG-Oven series

The IG-Oven series has been built especially for testing the product in “climate ovens” and is suitable for working under extreme conditions.

The IG-Oven series can fit unique shapes, to match different type of climatic ovens of any type or firm.

This series is using special materials that supports testing environment in extreme conditions and high temperatures between -50C° up to +120C° with high performance of shielding.

OV Series Features

  • Fit to any climate temperature chamber.
  • Fast, reliable EMI/RFI testing and verification, while providing effective shielding.
  • Can support whole spectrum – VLF / RF / mmW / EHF
  • High performance construction of Stainless steel and copper EMC shielding with ROHs compliant welding and RAL 9010 STD coating.
  • Manual operation with front handle opened door.
  • For small UUT s / DUT s
  • Custom made product adaptable to any application.
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