The IG-Shielded Tent and Fabrics

The IG-Shielded Tent and Fabrics

The IG- Tents series using shielded tents by conductive fabrics is an ideal solution for EMC / EMI testing under required shielding effectiveness conditions.

A solution that allows wide coverage of radio frequencies thanks to the wide variety of fabrics and the different performance for each raw material. The solution can be prepared for the customer perfectly and allow him to work under the required conditions.

Each product includes a modular I/O panel, supporting special features and specific Shielding-spec requirements.

IG - Shielded Tents Series Features

  • Fast, reliable EMI/RFI testing and verification, while providing effective shielding.
  • Any size, any shape anywhere.
  • Plug and play – easy to use – easy installation.
  • Easy to rebuild and store.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.
  • High performance construction shielding with ROHs compliant welding and RAL 9010 STD coating, tested by MIL STD 285 up to 12 GHz.
  • Custom made product adaptable to any application.
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