RF box: IG-730OV

  • Dimension(cm):
  • L=37, D=30, H=34 cm

  • Typical RF shielding:
  • 0.1GHz – 1.0GHz > 90dB
    1.0GHz – 3.0GHz > 85dB
    3.0GHz – 6.0GHz >75dB

  • Extreme temperature
  • Fit to climate oven
  • High performance


IG-730OV RF Shielding Box

The IG 730 OV built especially for testing your product in extreme environment. The box fits itself into climate chamber, and allows the user to test its products in high and low temperature.
The IG 730 OV box design for testing any wireless transmission such as:
WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, 3 G, WLAN, GPS and WiMAX.
It may also be used for cell site testing, RF resistor testing and two way radio testing testing.

Typical use cases

  • Fits climate oven chambers
  • Testing and measurements at extreme temperature
  • Measurements with high shielding performance
  • Isolation RF shielding up to -90dB


  • Custom made size honey comb windows
  • Filters, connectors and adaptors on modular IO panel
  • Filtered terminal 50 VDC
  • RF absorbent foam liner
  • Double lip RF sealing
  • Dimension:: L=37, D=30, H=34 cm
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • • Typical RF shielding: 0.1GHz – 1.0GHz > 90dB 1.0GHz – 3.0GHz > 85dB 3.0GHz – 6.0GHz > 75dB
  • Line voltage: 100 VDC, max 20 Amp
  • Work temperature: (- 50º) up to +80º

Optional Accessories

  • Custom filtered connectors
  • Waveguide for optic fibers
  • RF reflection absorbers by frequency
  • Additional in port/out port systems
  • Extra custom-made requirements

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