The IG-Test Fixtures

  • Attenuation level: Min -40 dB up to -80 dB

  • Custom made applications – build by spec and request

  • Fast testing and verification

  • With and without effective shielding

  • Manual or automatically operation

  • Factory and Lab applications

  • Fit any PCB and circuits

IG-109TF - custom made test fixture

The IG-Test Fixtures has been developed and designed to test all types of contacting demands.

Our IG-TF products are designed to all products in PCB levels as well as product level.

 IGOS RF Shielding has a unique type of IG-TF products that contain integrated RF shielding box together with the test fixtures.

Mechanical & Electrical specifications

  • Generic test fixture with RF shielding
  • Change able UUT fixture
  • Computer box with standard IO
  • Panel + vent
  • AC and DC inlet
  • By customer specifications

RF Shielding by IGOS-MN

  • Pneumatic RF Shielding Chambers
  • Automatic RF Systems
  • RF test fixtures
  • For Lab and production line
  • RF and Elctrical Test probs systems


  • Audio connector
  • Air inlet
  • LAN connectors
  • Telephone connectors
  • Banana jack
  • Product dimensions (cm): By customer demands
  • Attenuation level: min -40 dB up to -80 dB

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